Vehicular Antenna Test Methodology

Study 23 Apr. 2024

Vehicular Antenna Test Methodology

The rise of connected vehicles and vehicle-to-vehicle communication necessitates a unified measurement procedure for their communication antennas. This would streamline development and ensure consistent conformity assessments across regions.

The 5GAA alliance, fostering collaboration between the automotive and telecom sectors, has developed a methodology specifically for testing vehicular communication antennas (those permanently mounted on vehicles). This methodology can act as a commonly agreed test procedure for antenna communication subsystems, improving the accuracy of conformity assurance procedures for these critical systems.

In essence, this methodology serves as a tool to optimise antenna testing and provide validation measures that account for the unique form factors and characteristics of each vehicle.

Read 5GAA’s technical report here.

This document is an updated version of the Vehicular Antenna Test Methodology technical report published by 5GAA in 2021, available here.