Interoperability testing

Interoperability testing

Testing certification in the C-V2X ecosystem

The growth of connected vehicles and infrastructure is becoming apparent throughout the world. C-V2X is constantly evolving, and it is necessary to ensure that all stakeholders (e.g. telecommunication and automotive sectors) are working together to ensure that connected mobility is safer and more efficient. Hence, it is important to ensure that the public and policy-makers trust the technology. 5GAA aims to support regional certification bodies to guarantee safe and reliable intelligent transport systems globally. 5GAA is dedicated to giving the C-V2X ecosystem players a voice in reviewing and developing the certification framework. On top of mandatory regulatory requirements (e.g. Radio Equipment Directive in the EU or FCC rules in the US), a number of organisations offer certification programs based on agreed industry standards which are equally critical to guarantee compliance and ensure interoperability. Such certification programs also facilitate global/regional harmonisation thus helping to reduce testing costs and accelerating time to market.


GCF C-V2X certification program

GCF is a non-profit, global membership-driven organisation that promotes mobile and IoT certification programs for conformity to agreed standards of interoperability. Since 2019, 5GAA has partnered with GCF on a C-V2X certification programme for the radio layer – with an initial focus on LTE PC5 Side Link in Mode 4, upon which global application and services can be built. The program was launched in July 2021. The program allows companies and organisations to certify their C-V2X capable products for short-range functionality, allowing direct communications between V2V and V2I equipment. The program, based on lab conformance testing, is available to both GCF members and non-members. GCF and 5GAA members continue to collaborate within the Connected Vehicles Work Stream (CVWS) to develop and manage the C-V2X Certification Program. For more information, please get in touch with


Ecosystem partner

The expertise of our members allows 5GAA to secure its position in the certification discussions in all parts of the world. 5GAA wants to continue supporting the organisations in the C-V2X ecosystem to ensure that the best products are placed on the market.