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Friends of 5GAA


5GAA is excited to announce a membership structure designed specifically for the road infrastructure operators, known as Infrastructure Owner Operator (IOO) in the US, and road authorities community.

With multiple engagement platforms and tailored content, US IOOs and the overall road infrastructure operators community can learn more about the superior safety benefits of C-V2X technology and engage with a growing ecosystem of telecom providers, chipset makers, and auto OEMs to identify synergies, opportunities, and potential business models to accelerate and streamline deployment of this life-saving technology.

Membership will allow 5GAA, road operators community to continue the productive conversations initiated e.g. with US IOOs during the C-V2X Workshop for North American Transportation Planning and North American Road Operators in Washington D.C (April 2018), where 5GAA presented a vision for a connected future (here) or European National Road Administrations  (NRAs) and road infrastructure operators during a similar C-V2X Workshop and Demonstration in Paris, France (July 2018) here.


5GAA will send a quarterly newsletter to the road infrastructure operators/IOO community. This newsletter provides information about the superior safety benefits of C-V2X technology and updates on 5GAA’s latest activities. The newsletter will also provide an overview of how the road infrastructure operators/IOO community can engage with 5GAA in 2019 and beyond.


As part of this new membership rollout, 5GAA will be creating a Webinar Series designed to address issues of interest and concern to the road infrastructure operators/IOO community.

The first 5GAA Webinar will be targeted at the US IOO community and will cover the results of C-V2X validation testing conducted by Ford and Qualcomm.

The results of these tests demonstrate C-V2X’s superior performance, including increased communications range, better non-line-of-sight performance, enhanced reliability, higher data capacity, and superior congestion control.  The webinar will also provide an overview of the recent petitions filed by 5GAA at the Federal Communications Commission, which ask the FCC to allow for C-V2X operations in the 5.9 GHz band, and will discuss the implications of these filings on the IOO community.  To receive notification of the webinar series and receive updates on future engagement opportunities, please email us at

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