Creating Trust in Connected and Automated Vehicles

White Paper 6 May. 2024

Creating Trust in Connected and Automated Vehicles

Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAVs) create a complex, dynamic network, where the safety and behaviour of each ‘node’ or vehicle directly affects the efficiency and safety of the entire system. These systems are vulnerable to untrustworthy actors for various reasons. Therefore, a method to assess and quantify the trustworthiness of shared data is necessary. This will establish trust between cooperating nodes, enabling them to work in collaboration.

This 5GAA white paper proposes a framework for trust assessment within CAVs. By first defining key terms related to trust and trustworthiness, it establishes a foundation for building trust between these vehicles. It then creates a taxonomy for classifying different trust relationships.

Furthermore, the paper details a list of trustworthiness properties crucial for Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) and CAVs. These properties serve as the foundation for real-time trust assessments. The paper emphasises the importance of verifiable evidence supporting these assessments, even when dealing with inherent uncertainties within the evidence itself.

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