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5GAA Releases White Paper on Making 5G Proactive and Predictive for the Automotive Industry

We are at the dawn of a new era of mobility. Future intelligent transportation systems will provide tremendous benefits to people and society in terms of lives saved, increased time and money efficiencies, reduced environmental impact, as well as better utilization of the global road and highway networks. Automated and connected driving, intelligent driver assistance and data-driven transportation network optimisation are examples of what tomorrow’s transportation will mean for people and governments. A key enabler of this development is that mobile networks fulfil the requirements of future transportation.

5G Automotive Association (5GAA) has developed the concept of predictive Quality of Service (QoS), which is a mechanism enabling mobile networks to provide advance notifications about predicted QoS changes to interested consumers. This makes it possible to adjust application behaviour before the predicted QoS change takes effect, which is important to certain automotive use cases, such as remote and autonomous driving.

The concept of predictive QoS is spreading in the industry and among standards- developing organizations (SDO). It is, therefore, of interest to achieve a common understanding of what predictive QoS is – what problems it addresses, as well as how they are addressed.

This White Paper describes predictive QoS in order to reach a common understanding.

You can find the white paper here.

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