Evolution of Vehicular Communication Systems Beyond 5G

White Paper 30 Aug. 2023

Evolution of Vehicular Communication Systems Beyond 5G

In recent years, 5G communication standards have started systematically addressing the wireless communication requirements of vertical industries such as the automotive sector.

The development of 5G communications systems for vehicular use cases, referred to as 5G-V2X, has enabled several automotive services that significantly improve the level of safety, efficiency and comfort experienced by traffic participants. In this context, joint efforts from stakeholders in telecommunications and transportation play an essential role in making these services a reality.

The 5G Automotive Association (5GAA), a cross-industry organisation, has over the past five years devoted significant time and effort into better understanding the use cases and requirements for developing technical solutions, carrying out trials, building business models and market strategies, and fostering multi-industry consensus among relevant communication standards organisations.

Such an endeavour is bringing end-to-end mobility solutions based on common understanding and setting the stage to support their smooth rollout in several regions.

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