Business Perspectives on Vehicle-to-Network-to-Everything (V2N2X) Deployments

Study 27 May. 2024

Business Perspectives on Vehicle-to-Network-to-Everything (V2N2X) Deployments

Cellular networks are increasingly enabling data exchange within the transport ecosystem. This document provides a business perspective on the Vehicle-to-Network-to-Everything (V2N2X) market, covering market value, stakeholder needs, market growth drivers, and business models observed in various deployments. It complements the high-level V2N2X architecture described in the 5GAA white paper “Road traffic operation in a digital age” and the technical report “Vehicle-to-Network-to-Everything (V2N2X) Communications; Architecture, Solution Blueprint, and Use Case Implementation Examples.”

While the full set of V2N2X features and foundational technologies is still evolving, current implementations demonstrate that the architecture can be deployed using existing networks. Future applications are expected to leverage advancements like multi-access edge computing (MEC), network slicing, and improved 5G coverage. The annexes provide detailed descriptions of relevant legislation and deployment examples.

The report content is based on the analysis of existing V2N2X deployments, a survey of Vehicle OEMs and Infrastructure Operators and Owners (IOOs), and the experiences of 5GAA members involved in the V2N2X market.

Find the full document here.

A 5GAA online session on the V2N2X topic and reports took place on 18 June 2024. The recording of the online session can be accessed here. The slides of the presentation can be accessed here.