Road Traffic Operation in a Digital Age: A Holistic Cross-Stakeholder Approach

White Paper 10 Jan. 2024

Road Traffic Operation in a Digital Age: A Holistic Cross-Stakeholder Approach

The societal ambitions of zero fatalities and climate neutrality in road transportation, as well as future ambitions of automated driving require a new approach to the handling of road traffic information. The key stakeholders of the ecosystem, global automotive OEMs, service providers (SPs) and infrastructure owner-operators (IOOs), need new digital methods of operating and interworking.

This white paper proposes a transformative approach for automotive stakeholders, emphasizing scalable digital data exchange and a federated architecture to manage road traffic information efficiently. The architecture ensures bidirectional communication, delivering static, semi-static, and near real-time data for safe and efficient transportation. The paper concludes with recommendations for a National Roadway Digital Strategy, federated information-sharing structures, and aligned investments. Emphasizing the integration of technologies and data-driven decision-making, it aligns with 5GAA’s mission to propel road traffic operations into the digital age.

Read or download the full white paper here.

Note: To complement this white paper with further technical details and business considerations, 5GAA has developed two technical reports:

  • “Vehicle to Network to Everything (V2N2X) Communications; Architecture, Solution Blueprint, and Use Case Implementation Examples”: This technical report describes for different ecosystem stakeholders how to realise various V2X applications and use cases (UCs), using cellular network communications in combination with information sharing structures between backend systems. It also clarifies the different implementation options of the V2X application in a vehicle and their related implications. In this report, readers can also find verified V2N2X solutions and references to initial operational deployments that realize the suggested application-level reference architecture, e.g., C-Roads, Talking Traffic, Mobilidata, etc. Available here.
  • Technical Report “Business Perspectives on Vehicle-to-Network-to-Everything (V2N2X) Deployments”: This technical report describes the V2N2X market from a business standpoint, encompassing market dynamics, stakeholder analysis, and business models deployed in various exemplary instances. Available here.

A 5GAA online session on the V2N2X topic and reports took place on 18 June 2024. The recording of the online session can be accessed here. The slides of the presentation can be accessed here.