Misbehaviour Detection for V2X: Operational Aspects

White Paper 4 Jun. 2024

Misbehaviour Detection for V2X: Operational Aspects

This white paper explores how to manage misbehaviour in Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) communication systems, where vehicles and infrastructure directly exchange information. Misbehaviour can be intentional (like sending false data) or accidental, but it can lead to bad decisions by drivers and hinder the benefits of V2X.

The core contribution lies in exploring various remediation options (e.g., software updates, certificate control) and proposing methods for classifying misbehaviour types. This classification helps define a mapping between misbehaviour severity and appropriate remediation actions.

The paper emphasises the importance of fair and proportionate remediation, highlighting the lack of current standards for determining these actions. It provides technical insights that can inform both policy development for fair and consistent consequences, and technical design of the backend misbehaviour management system.

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