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C-V2X & Edge Computing: The Winning Technologies for Connected Vehicles and Autonomous Driving

Munich, GermanyOn 8th February 2018, the 5G Automotive Association lead a successful Open Workshop on “Edge Computing and V2X“. The workshop – open to both 5GAA members and non-members – aimed to provide a discussion platform for the wide range of stakeholder advocating for the evolution of cloud computing in the automotive sector.

Edge Computing offers cloud computing capabilities at the edge of the network. Several demonstrated C-V2X use case trials have already proven the potential of Edge Computing to serve real C-V2X scenarios. 5GAA considers Edge Computing as one of the key supporting technologies for many of the foreseen V2X services for connected vehicles and for Autonomous Driving.

The Munich workshop brought together industry stakeholders from car OEMs, OEM suppliers, road and mobile network operators to edge computing technology vendors. Edge Computing was covered from various perspectives, illustrating its potential to further expand the competitiveness of C-V2X as the technology of choice for C-ITS. The unique position of 5GAA in the technology and solutions development was again highlighted.

The automotive sector, including OEM suppliers and car makers, shared their thinking and experiences with the technology. The event culminated in the panel discussion which included consideration of use cases and requirements and on how to best utilise the networks and Edge Computing for C-V2X.

Finally, the participating companies concluded a common understanding on the way forward:

  1. Edge Computing has a great value proposition for C-V2X and its evolution, as it further increases the competitiveness of C-V2X and its infrastructure component (LTE-Uu) over the alternative ITS-G5 technology.
  2. Technical discussions are to continue in the 5GAA working groups; further collaboration with standardization bodies is encouraged to continue and expand.
  3. Future workshops similar to this one can be considered, e.g. again collocated with a future 5GAA meeting.

About the 5GAA
The 5GAA is a cross-industry association between the cellular and automotive industries to develop, test and promote communications solutions, initiate their standardisation and accelerate their commercial availability and global market penetration, to address society’s connected mobility and road safety needs with applications such as automated driving, ubiquitous access to services and integration into smart city and intelligent transportation.

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