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5GAA Releases White Paper on C-V2X Use Cases: Methodology, Examples and Service Level Requirements

Several innovative automotive use cases using C-V2X technologies have emerged during the last years and many more will come in the following years in an attempt to describe novel capabilities and new features of connected vehicles. Safety, vehicle operations management, convenience, autonomous driving, platooning, traffic efficiency and environmental friendliness, society and community are some of the areas that C-V2X use cases are expected to have high impact.

This white paper describes 5GAA’s methodology in defining use cases and associated Service Level Requirements (SLRs) in a communications technology solution agnostic approach. Sequences of actions and interactions between involved actors are described as general as possible relative to the specific implementation and architecture of the overlaying cellular system. Moreover, an example set of C-V2X use cases have been described in detail and have been used to apply the 5GAA methodology. Each use case is composed of multiple use case scenarios, wherein use case scenarios can differ in terms of applicable road environment, actors involved, service flows, etc. The SLRs of the selected example use cases have been provided and analyzed in a technology and implementation agnostic way.

5GAA use cases are used by 5GAA work groups to develop C-V2X solutions, create test procedures, demos and pilots, evaluate spectrum needs and co-operate with Standards Development Organizations (SDOs) and finally create the business case and path for deployment.

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