5GAA Supports the 3GPP 2nd 5G Vertical User Workshop

Press Release 2 Aug. 2019

5GAA Supports the 3GPP 2nd 5G Vertical User Workshop

Following the first session held in Brussels on 12-13 February 2019, 5GAA returned to the second 5G Vertical User Workshop, which was in Rome on 9-10 July 2019. This initiative, launched by 3GPP Market Representative Partners (5GAA, 5G-IA, 5G-ACIA and PSCE) was organised as a collaborative event for strategic dialogue between vertical industries (technology, automotive and transport, health and public safety ) and 3GPP by exchanging on future needs and upcoming cellular standard developments.

5G networks are intended to bring a new innovative ecosystem, where actors from the vertical industries will be involved alongside the telecom operators, manufacturers, SMEs and research institutes. There is an increasing need to involve this wider range of industries to optimally capture end-user requirements and contribute to the 3GPP standardisation process. The working groups of 3GPP operate on a bottom-up basis focusing on partners contributions. As such, 3GPP notably benefits from further developing the role and usefulness of 5G vertical industries as Market Representation Partners.

The agenda for the 2nd 5G Vertical Users Workshop can be found here. The Workshop focused on 5G vertical technical viewpoints, common requirements and common interests with lively interactive discussions. 5GAA members Huawei, Nokia and Orange supported the workshop. The 5GAA CTO, Maxime Flament, had seized the opportunity to address:

  • The 5GAA vision for 3GPP rel-17 as part of C-V2X and intelligent transport systems (available here)
  • Predictive QoS, an innovative mechanism to provide in-advance QoS notifications from the network to the V2X application (available here)

5GAA enthusiastically supports the initiative and to enhance collaboration with partners such as 5G-IA, 5G-ACIA and PSCE.