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5GAA | Presents C-V2X Workshop for North American Transportation Planning and North American Road Operators

On the 26th April in Washington D.C,  the 5G Automotive Association presented its vision for a connected future during a C-V2X Workshop for North American transportation planning and road operations communities (State DOTs, MPOs, and local agencies).

The main objective of the workshop was to helped jumpstart the dialogue between technology providers, cellular network operators and the transportation community on the capabilities, timeline and the potential role of cellular technologies in transportation systems management and operations (TSMO).

During the workshop, questions from stakeholders and technology providers were addressed and the 5GAA presented the next steps to realize the promise of C-V2X on our roads.

The presentations made during the Workshop are downloadable here below:

1. C-V2X Workshop and Demonstration for North American Transportation Planning and Road Operator Community– Qualcomm
2. 5GAA pioneering digital transformation in the automotive industry – 5GAA Chairman
3. The C-V2X Proposition – Ford
4. 5G Perspective on Connecting Cars – Strategy Analytics, Inc
5. Connected Vehicle Implementation Activity in Northern Virginia – Virgina Tech Transport Tech
6. V2X Product Life Cycle Management– Savari
7. Economics of C-V2X The Mobile Network Operator and Support for Alternative Deployment Models – AT&T
8. Six C-V2X Demonstrations


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