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5GAA Accelerates Connected Vehicle Development with First ETSI-Approved LTE-V2X System Profile

ETSI specifications ensure interoperability, safety, and security of C-V2X technology development

In July 2020, the 5G Automotive Association (5GAA) partnered with global ICT standards organisation ETSI to organise a remote cellular-vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) Plugtest. The LTE-V2X System Profile is the first of its kind to be specified by an independent, accredited standards organisation in Europe (ETSI TS 103 723).

The system profile provides industry wide upper layer configuration guidelines for C-V2X deployment and employs C-V2X technology from 3GPP Release 14. The system profile and the global standard it represents will lay the foundations for standardised direct cellular communications technology in the automotive sector; making product development faster and ensuring that safety and security are at the core of all new technologies.

LTE-V2X provides a seamless evolution path towards 5G employing new radio V2X (NR-V2X). The latter will allow even better performance and further enhanced features, while keeping backward compatibility with LTE-V2X”, said Maxime Flament, CTO, 5GAA. OEMs will especially benefit as the technology will allow long life cycles, which are essential for automotive products.”

Several automotive LTE-V2X devices were successfully tested during the second ETSI C-V2X Plugtest™ in addition to Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) stations and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) vendors in order to assess the level of interoperability of their implementation and to validate the ETSI ITS specifications. An overall interoperability success rate of 94% was achieved during the second ETSI C-V2X Plugtest.

To read the full report from the Plugtest, please click here.

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