5GAA supports the European Strategic Deployment Agenda for Connected and Automated Mobility

Press Release 2 Oct. 2020

5GAA supports the European Strategic Deployment Agenda for Connected and Automated Mobility

The 5G Automotive Association (5GAA) is proud to announce the publication of the 5G Strategic Deployment Agenda for Connected and Automated Mobility in Europe (EU 5G SDA for CAM), by the 5G Infrastructure Public Private Partnership (5G PPP)a joint European Commission and European ICT industry initiative 

5GAA was among the key contributors to this document which outlines the shared view of a industry and public stakeholders, including other relevant European associations (ACEA, CEDR and GSMA) and experts of the three 5G corridors trial projects, based on eight common principles to stimulate investment in 5G-ecosystems in the field of Connected and Automated Mobility: 

  1. Deployment of the 5G infrastructure for CAM should follow an evolutionary path to cope with future market developments and technological progress. 
  2. The infrastructure should aim at providing boundless connectivity with continuity of service across borders, Mobile Network Operators, vendors/OEMs, as well as traffic managers, road operators and service providers.
  3. The CAM infrastructure, including vehicles and road equipment, needs to have a very high level of cybersecurity.
  4. The 5G infrastructure for CAM will need to be a multi-service/multi-application platform using standardised specifications and/or data interfaces.
  5. The deployment of 5G infrastructure for CAM in Europe should be extensively coordinated with public and private actors in charge of delivering V2X services. 
  6. Road operators, road authorities and mobile network operators should collaborate to create synergies for connectivity deployment along CAM corridors.
  7. It is a necessity to deliver future networks innovatively and with optimal economics.
  8. The digital transformation of industry verticals must be accelerated.
  9. As recognised by the European Commission, 5G is a critical enabler of future mobility solutions and its deployment in transport, including both network and direct communication modes, is a European public policy priority. To that end a strategic partnership with road and transportation stakeholders is critical to fully address society’s connected mobility and road safety needs, as per 5GAA mission and the European Commission’s objectives. 

To accelerate the infrastructure rollout, the stakeholders recognised several key drivers, such as the need for appropriate cooperation models to enable the initial deployment of 5G highways corridors, stabilising the technology roadmap through standardisation, ensuring a high level of cybersecurity, regulatory innovation, data access and data sharing, harmonisation of spectrum, and coordination of deployment initiatives. 

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