The Republic of Korea Picks C-V2X as its Technology of Choice

Press Release, News 12 Dec. 2023

The Republic of Korea Picks C-V2X as its Technology of Choice

5GAA applauds the Republic of Korea’s decision[1] to select Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything (C-V2X) direct communications as its technology of choice, complementing C-V2X mobile network communications to offer a synergetic platform for connected mobility.

Following this decision, Korean officials also announced follow-up measures including the revision of technical regulation standards. Since 2022, Korea allocates a significant portion of the 5.9 GHz frequency band to C-V2X direct communications i.e., 20 MHz has been allocated to LTE-V2X Direct for various ITS applications including basic safety services. 

The Korean announcement paves the way for safer, smarter and greener transport ecosystem, benefiting all road users. It wraps up an extensive process that entailed a comprehensive analysis of the global technology trend as well as intensive testing and exchanges to consider the needs of the automotive and telecommunications industries, road operators, and public authorities.

Korea’s decision to opt for C-V2X, with specific bandwidth for LTE-V2X Direct, marks a pivotal moment in the global advancement of intelligent transportation. This resolution fully aligns with the 5GAA’s vision for a connected and safer future on the roads, setting an important precedent for other nations to follow. 5GAA and its members stand ready to implement this bold vision.

Maxime Flament, Chief Technology Officer, 5GAA

With this decision, the Republic of Korea joins a growing global trend towards the use of C-V2X as the technology of choice for the mass deployment of intelligent transport systems as a catalyst for wide-ranging societal, economic and environmental benefits.

[1] Ministry of Science & ICT, Korea

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