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Tele-Operated Driving (ToD): System Requirements Analysis and Architecture

Tele-Operated Driving (ToD) technology assists, complements and accelerates semi- and fully automated driving in various scenarios. This 5GAA technical report studies system requirements and corresponding enabler technologies for ToD services using Cellular-V2X (C-V2X) networks. The study covers the vehicle sub-system, ToD operator sub-system, infrastructure sub-system, and C-V2X networks for end-to-end deployment of ToD services. System application layer architectures and the underlying communication network architectures for different ToD use cases and scenarios are presented in this study with the focus on interfaces among different stakeholders and with considerations on service interoperability in multi-OEM, multi-Service Provider, multi-RTA and multi-MNO environments. This study also envisages that market deployment of ToD services will follow a multi-stage roadmap, starting from confined areas, then evolving into dedicated public roads and areas, and finally covering cross-region (long-haul) mobility of automated vehicles.

Read the full technical report here.

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