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5GAA Supports Accelerated Deployment of C-V2X in China at MWC Shanghai 2018

28 June, Shanghai, China – The 5G Automotive Association (5GAA), with the strong support of the telecommunications and automotive industries and senior Chinese government officials, presented the latest progress to deploy Cellular-Vehicle-To-Everything (C-V2X) on China’s roads, as well as across the globe, leading the efforts to deliver future connected mobility solutions. The discussion took place during a 5GAA roundtable at the Mobile World Congress in Shanghai.

China’s government officials support immediate deployment of C-V2X

China has been a trailblazer in adopting C-V2X, remaining at the global forefront of rolling out the technology. At the 5GAA “Connected Mobility in Action” roundtable, Ce Zhao, Director of High-Tech Department of Science & Technology Division of MIIT, delivered a keynote address on China’s strong commitment in ensuring the investment, testing, and development of C-V2X. Mr. Zhao announced China’s initial spectrum planning for LTE-based C-V2X in 5905~5925MHZ, and provided updates on the country’s national industry strategy, onsite testing, and deployment plan, as well as the country’s national level cooperation for C-V2X.

The Ministry of Transport’s (MOT) Vice Director of Research Institute of Highway, Mr. Lin Wang, also made a presentation providing updates on China’s intelligent highway progress, as well as test environments and scenarios.

Mr. Zhiqin Wang, Vice President of the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT) and Chairman of IMT 2020 highlighted the fruitful progress on China’s standards, test framework and verification plan for C-V2X, stating, “Both standard and industry progress shows China’s readiness for full-scale deployment of C-V2X.”

Strong engagement from industry stakeholders as well

China’s industry stakeholders are also strongly committed to making C-V2X on roads a reality. Leading telecommunications and automotive companies in China are conducting product testing to prepare for the commercial deployment of C-V2X. With commercial chipsets ready to hit the road and various demonstration in the making this year, the path towards the deployment of C-V2X is imminent.

Dr. Dang Xiang, Deputy General Manager of Research and Advanced Technology Department at SAIC Motor and Alternate Board Member of 5GAA, presented during a keynote speech the latest industry advances for the deployment of the technology, including the current leading development of C-V2X and architecture of future mobility with the fusion of internet, transportation and vehicles based on C-V2X.

“SAIC Motor is currently transforming from the traditional OEM to the green smart mobility service provider. C-V2X is one of the key technologies to future mobility and SAIC Motor will cooperate with other C-V2X eco-system partners to accelerate the commercialization of C-V2X,” said Dr. Dang Xiang.

In addition to the progress made at a corporate level, companies such as SAIC Motor and China Mobile have been actively involved in 5GAA in developing the framework, required standards, and the business case for C-V2X and 5G future connected mobility services.

 “China Mobile is proud to be part of the 5G Automotive Association. We are an active member of the association and strongly believe that by collaborating with the World’s largest Telecommunications and Automotive companies under the same roof, we will create solutions that will better address society’s transport needs and will help pave the way for a more connected mobility World,” said Gang Huang, Vice President of China Mobile Government and Enterprise Service Company.

Accelerating the deployment of C-V2X around the globe

C-V2X presents an unprecedented opportunity: the ability for vehicles to share real-time safety information and “communicate” with other vehicles, pedestrian, city infrastructure, and the networks will ultimately make transportation safer and more enjoyable.

5GAA member companies demonstrated the many benefits of C-V2X during an exciting panel discussion. The panel was comprised of: Julius Marchwicki, Director, Asia-Pacific, Connected Vehicles and Services at Ford Motor Company; Luke Ibbetson, Senior Director of Vodafone and member of the 5GAA Board; Thierry Klein, Head of Disruptive Innovation Program at Nokia Bell Labs and Vice Chair of the 5GAA Board; and Ed Tiedemann, SVP of Engineering, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

All panelists shared their views on the current challenges, opportunities, and next steps in the continued development of C-V2X in other regions such as Europe and North America. They also discussed how C-V2X and its evolution to 5G will play a critical role across the automotive and other industries.

Ed Tiedemann, SVP of Engineering, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. discussed C-V2X trials in the US. He presented the C-V2X direct communication demonstration organised with 5GAA, Audi, Ford and Qualcomm Technologies this April in Washington D.C. The demonstration showcased the benefit of using C-V2X real-time direct communications for vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) collision avoidance and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) for improved road safety and traffic efficiency by using 3GPP Release 14 C-V2X direct communications and upper layers as developed by SAE to transmit messages in support of six use cases.

C-V2X is ready for deployment: China is giving the green light, now it is up to the other regions to accelerate as well,” concluded the panel moderator, Dr. Maxime Flament, Chief Technology Officer of 5GAA.

 5GAA provider of a platform for debate for key stakeholders

5GAA presence at this year’s MWC Shanghai last week was successful in outlining the association’s vision in being a global player in facilitating thought leadership platforms for relevant stakeholders driving towards building a better mobility ecosystem.

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