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Position Papers

5GAA Response to the Draft RSPG Opinion on Spectrum Aspects of Intelligent Transportation Systems

The 5G Automotive Association (5GAA) is pleased with the opportunity to provide an industry consortium view on the RSPG’s draft opinion on spectrum aspects of ITS. Spectrum for ITS is important to 5GAA, as our association was founded on the prospect that direct communications between vehicles and the roadside units and pedestrians is critical to road safety and automated driving.

We are committed to the realisation that direct 4G and eventually 5G communications will supplement the ever-increasing coverage and capabilities of wide area cellular coverage. Consequently, with the proviso that Cellular V2X (C-V2X) technologies gain fair access to spectrum harmonised for ITS, the 5GAA is working diligently on technology, standards, and deployment models to considerably – even transformational – to enhance safety and mobility on roads and railways in Europe.

We see a great promise by integrating cellular systems in addressing the totality of transport communication requirements, fulfilling not only the important short-range ad hoc need but at the same time addressing the manifold communication links necessary for seamless multi-modal connectivity.

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