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White Papers

5GAA releases White Paper on C-V2X Conclusions based on Evaluation of Available Architectural Options

During the last decade, a set of connected transportation services has been identified utilizing mobile network communication. One question that needs an answer is whether these transportation services can be handled by the current cellular networks or particular enhancements are needed in order to provide a commercially viable solution.

The present white paper analyses the architectural options for C-V2X communication and summarizes the considerations for the ability of the current networks to handle vehicular services by evaluating them against two particular use cases of interest: the Intersection Movement Assist (IMA) and the Vulnerable User (VRU) Discovery. The evaluation of the identified architectures further facilitates the extraction of useful conclusions for the cases where such architectural solutions may be applied. The analysis moves towards two directions, namely solutions that relate to PC5 interface and solutions that relate to Uu interface; the latter ones include the cloud enhancements. Additionally considerations on multi operator aspects of C-V2X communications are being presented and analyzed.

This document summarizes the effort performed in 5GAA on Network Architecture focusing on the evaluation and the proposal of enhancements related to Cellular V2X Architecture.

Click here to read the white paper.

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