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5G Automotive Association to Partner with IMT-2020 to Accelerate Deployment of Connected Vehicles in China

Together with 5GAA, IMT-2020 conducts C-V2X ‘New Four Layers’ & Large-Scale Pilot Demonstrations in Shanghai to accelerate the deployment of connected vehicles in China

SHANGHAI, 20 October 2020 – Continuing the tradition from 2019, the 5G Automotive Association (5GAA) is once more partnering with Chinese IMT-2020, this time for their 2020 C-V2X ‘New Four Layers’ & Large-scale Pilot Demonstrations.

C-V2X connects pedestrians, vehicles, infrastructure, network and other elements of the transport ecosystem to support the vehicle to obtain more information and promote the innovation and application of automated driving technology. It also facilitates the construction of an intelligent transportation system and the development of new formats of automobiles and transportation services.

Chinese members of the 5G Automotive Association (5GAA) are present in Shanghai as they have participated in live interoperability applications for connected vehicles and a large-scale test of the reliability of C-V2X communications.

The demonstrations will continue to uphold the spirit of the 2019 session, via the technical test and the two folded demonstration of application: an update on the “Four Layers” project, as well as a large-scale pilot demonstration to further promote the implementation of China C-V2X industrialization.

1. Demonstration of C-V2X “New Four layers” Interoperability Application for Intelligent Connected Vehicle

Demonstration time27-29 October 2020

The New “Four Layers” add High Precision Map and High Precision Position to the pre-existing 2019 “Four Layers”. It adopts a new digital certificate format and explores technical solutions to the regulatory issues faced by C-V2X. It also adds new elements such as a cloud control platform, a V2X information demonstration and a location situational demonstration platform, conducts C-V2X real-vehicle validation tests, and provides test drive experience and application demonstrations to the public during the annual conference.

2. Large-Scale C-V2X Testing

Testing time: 11-26 October 2020

The reliability of C-V2X communication is crucial in the large-scale operation of Intelligent Transportation Systems. A cross-industry and cross-region Telematics authentication system is also the basic guarantee for the full-scale operation of Intelligent Connected Vehicles. This testing focuses on verifying the scalability of C-V2X and promoting mutual recognition of C-V2X security authentication system, by encouraging large-scale industrialisation. Communication performance and functional test is carried out for the whole industrial chain, including terminal, car enterprise and CA platform.

This time, CAICT and Nebula Link cooperate to provide over 180 C-V2X terminals as communication background, implemented all the China C-V2X standards including the physical layer, network layer, message layer, security layer. It also aims to provide a large-scale testing environment for all the companies.

This year, 5GAA and IMT-2020 will also issue a joint report from the testing experience, detailing the test infrastructure and test cases employed. Ultimately, the report would represent a valuable contribution for the whole C-V2X community summarising the lessons learnt and achievements from the month-long large-scale testing.

The event is hosted by IMT-2020(5G) Promotion Group C-V2X Working Group, China Industry Innovation Alliance for the Intelligent and Connected Vehicles, China Society of Automotive Engineers, Shanghai international motor city (group) Co.,Ltd., National Technical Committee of Auto Standardization, China Communications Standards Association, Research Institute of Highway Ministry of Transport, organized by CICV, CAICT, Shanghai Songhong intelligent automobile technology Co.,Ltd.

About IMT-2020 (5G) Promotion Group C-V2X Working Group

IMT-2020 Promotion Group was jointly established in 2013 by three ministries of China [including the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) (5G)] based on the original IMT-Advanced Promotion Group. IMT-2020 (5G) Group C-V2X Working Group is committed to promote integration innovation among ICT, automobile, transportation and etc. C-V2X Working Group has attracted over 168 members, and a number of partners with 5GAA in common. C-V2X Working Group is the major platform to promote LTE-V2X and 5G-V2X technology research, verification, and industry development in China.

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About 5GAA

The 5G Automotive Association (5GAA) is a global, cross-industry organisation of over 130 members comprised of leading global automakers, Tier-1 suppliers, mobile operators, semiconductor companies and test equipment vendors. It works together to develop end-to-end connectivity solutions for future mobility and transport services. 5GAA is committed to helping define and develop the next generation of connected mobility, automated vehicle and intelligent transport solutions based on C-V2X.

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