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28th 5GAA F2F Meeting Week

28th 5GAA F2F Meeting Week

23 Oct. 2023


On October 26th and 27th, 2023, the 5G Automotive Association will meet members in Ann Arbor, Detroit Area for two days of live demonstrations taking place at the M-City Facility, University of Michigan.

The attendees can witness the demonstrations organized by 5GAA, on Thursday for the whole day and on Friday morning, showcasing some of the latest developments for 5G and C-V2X technologies. This unique experience will feature 4 live indoor and outdoor demos, demonstrating the continued innovation and delivery of cutting-edge solutions for connected and automated mobility by 5GAA members. The list of confirmed participants includes, among others, Anritsu, Bosch, Commsignia, LGE, Keysight, TMUS, Verizon, and UMTRI.

To help attendees plan their visit, 5GAA has designed a brochure containing a description of each demo. It is availableĀ hereĀ for download.