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C-V2X Mass-Market Deployment in Real-Life Traffic

C-V2X Mass-Market Deployment in Real-Life Traffic

9 Feb. 2023

The Hague

In the course of the 25th meeting week in The Hague, we successfully hosted the “C-V2X Mass-Market Deployment in Real-Life Traffic” Conference, which attracted a diverse audience including our esteemed members and several distinguished external guests.

On this note, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the speakers who contributed their expertise and insights to the conference:

  • Wim Vandenberghe, Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management
  • Erika Decorte, Flanders Authority for Roads and Traffic
  • Menno Malta, Monotch
  • René Spaan, City of Helmond
  • Gerad Berendschot, Ambulance Care, Netherlands
  • Andreas Schaller, Bosch

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