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White Papers

The Case for Cellular V2X for Safety and Cooperative Driving

With this white paper, the 5G Automotive Association (5GAA) elaborates on why Cellular-V2X (C-V2X) technology at the radio level is an essential enabler to transformational connected transportation services throughout the world. The 5GAA perspective is that 3GPP-based cellular technology offers superior performance and a more futureproof radio access than IEEE 802.11p and can leverage ETSI-ITS, ISO, SAE and IEEE upper layer standards and tests that have been refined by the automotive industry and others in the ITS community for over a decade.

To be clear, capitalizing on the advantage of cellular technologies is a basis of 5GAA. We urge governments, automotive, telecommunications, and other sectors to strongly consider the business and value proposition and the overall societal benefit of Cellular-V2X defined by 3GPP. Our position is clear: C-V2X can address all known use cases and can also address future ITS use cases offering full flexibility for different business models. C-V2X should be allowed to flourish by use of ITS spectrum to address many of these use cases.

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