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5GAA invited as special guest to World Internet of Things (IoT) Expo on 15-18 September 2018

The 5G Automotive Association (5GAA) was invited as a special guest at the 2018 World Internet of Things (IoT) Expo, scheduled from Sept 15-18 2018. The Expo themed on “Digitalized New Economy, IoT-driven New Times”, included a large ministerial summit, 10 high-level fora, a large exhibition, and series of 16 sponsored events.

Wuxi is one of the major Chinese city who have started V2X deployment in China. In total, more than 220 intersections and hundreds of road-side sensors are already connected to a city-wide cloud. All intersections send their signal phase and timing via the China Mobile LTE network as well as via short-range LTE-V2X PC5 connectivity. The WIoT2018 gathered ten vehicle manufacturers among them Audi, SAIC, FORD, Peugeot-Citroen, Volvo Cars, Volkswagen, Donfeng, GM, Toyota, etc. Many vehicle application were using primarily the mobile network while others were combining both cellular and short-range PC5 communication. Road-side and in-vehicle connectivity was mainly provided by chipset and radio technology vendor HUAWEI but others like Qualcomm and Datang were actively contributing to the demonstration.

5GAA CTO, Dr. Maxime Flament, gave a keynote at the high-level Intelligent Transportation & Internet of Vehicles Forum. He insisted on the importance of the C-V2X deployment in Wuxi city as a model deployment for many government even outside China. It is important that the evaluation done in Wuxi can reach out to all government in the world in order to encourage a harmonized deployment of V2X around the world. The audience showed a great interest for C-V2X technology combining both vehicle short-range and cloud connectivity.

The vehicle manufacturers and their business partners are now preparing to the next big Chinese event sponsored by SAE China and IMT-2020: A large scale interoperability testing event on 6-8 Nov 2018 in Shanghai. Interoperability test will be performed at chipset, radio and vehicle application levels.

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