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5GAA Membership

Discover our membership categories

The 5G Automotive Association (5GAA) is a global association with over 130 member companies from the automotive and ICT industries. Together, they thrive to lead the definition and adoption of the future mobility ecosystem. The association benefits from a diverse membership base, both in terms of geographical spread and expertise.

5GAA welcomes partners who are engaged in the automotive industry, the information and communications technologies (ICT) industry or the broader eco-system and value chain for vehicle and road transportation systems; this includes universities, research bodies, associations and public authorities, as well as industrial companies of all sizes.

The 5GAA offers different membership categories, including:

Platinum members

Gold members

General members

Platinum members

(currently limited to 12 members including 8 founding members): platinum members have the right to nominate a candidate and its alternate as board members.

Gold members

Gold members can propose candidates for the Board, the Working Chairpersonship or Vice-Chairpersonship.

General members

General full members can only propose candidates for Working Group Vice-Chairpersonship.

What our members say about 5GAA

“ Connected cars will shape the future of individual mobility, and next generation mobile networks will take car to everything (x) connectivity to a new level. The key to success is in cross-industry collaboration. This is why we set up the 5G Automotive Association where experts from all relevant fields are teaming up. ”

Alfons Pfaller
Head of Infotainment Development, AUDI AG

“ The 5G Automotive Association is the latest example of Nokia’s close relationship with the automotive industry to make the driverless car a reality and unleash a whole new era in automotive innovation. Cloud, communications and networking technologies and innovations have the potential to transform the car into a fully connected device to revolutionize the driver experience and address society’s mobility needs. Nokia is excited to be playing a leading role in this effort that will help save lives, improve our environment and make our transportation systems more efficient. ”

Dr. Marc Rouanne
Chief Innovation & Operating Officer, Nokia

“ 5GAA was created to connect the telecom industry and vehicle manufacturers to develop end-to-end solutions for future mobility and transportation services. ”

Christoph Voigt
Chairman of the 5GAA Board

“ As a co-founder of the 5GAA Alliance, Qualcomm Incorporated looks forward to continuing our work with world-leading stakeholders to foster further collaborations between the automotive and communications industries and help ensure the optimization of new technologies for transportation. For more than a decade, Qualcomm Incorporated has been committed to the development of connectivity and compute solutions that enhance the safety, mobility, and convenience of the travelling public. Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything (C-V2X) and 5G-NR technologies will play a key role in improving safety and enabling automated driving. ”

Nakul Duggal
Senior Vice President and General Manager, Automotive, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

“ The creation of this Association demonstrates the clear need for a cross-sector-collaboration between mobile industry and car industry for joint innovation, and to establish a platform to align with timeline and priorities and solution roadmaps. It will facilitate global regulation, certification and standardization efforts for autonomous driving and future car services based on 5G technologies. ”

Dr. Li Yingtao
President, 2012 Labs, Huawei

“ The connected car enables us to offer our customers services, both inside and outside the vehicle, which makes their daily routine tasks easier, increase comfort and safety and thus create considerable added value. The fundamental basis for this is a reliable and fast connectivity technology whose standards have global validity. Together with the other founding members of the “5G Automotive Association“, we as Daimler AG are working on precisely that – with the aim of raising car connectivity as well to a new level with the advent of the next generation of mobile phone technology. ”

Sajjad Khan
Director Digital Vehicle & Mobility, Daimler AG

“ The success of 5G is dependent on cross-industry work in new eco systems to digitalize industries. With the creation of this Association, we will leverage our latest technology, 5G, and work closely together with the car industry to jointly develop solutions as well as provide input to regulation, certification, and standardization. We are excited to be co-founder and to work with leading automotive companies shaping the connected car solutions for the future. ”

Ulf Ewaldsson
Chief Technology Officer, Ericsson

“ We expect 5G to become the worldwide dominating mobile communications standard of the next decade. For the automotive industry it is essential that 5G fulfills the challenges of the era of digitalization and autonomous driving. With the 5G Automotive Association we founded a cross-industry forum that allows us to shape the future 5G technology with leading ICT companies. As a co-founder of the 5G Automotive Association we would be excited to welcome further partners engaged in the automotive industry, the information and communication technologies or mobile network operators in the association. ”

Dr. Christoph Grote
Senior Vice President Electronics, BMW Group

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