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About 5GAA

Structure and governance

The association is comprised of the Executive Committee, the Board, and the General Assembly.

Structure and gouvernance

5GAA Board

The 5GAA Board supervises and advises the Executive Committee in all material respects, in particular with regard to strategic considerations.

The Board is composed of eighteen members, elected by the General Assembly every year, out of which:

  • twelve seats are reserved to platinum members (the highest member category);
  • six seats are reserved to candidates elected among the gold members.

Executive Committee

Reporting to the Board, the Executive Committee is the legal representative body of the association and is responsible for the day-to-day management of the 5GAA. The Executive Committee consists of three persons.

General Assembly

The General Assembly ensures a diverse Board composition, with regards to geographic regions and industry sectors.


Christoph Voigt
Chairman, 5GAA

Uwe Puetzschler
Vice Chair, 5GAA

Johannes Springer
Director General, 5GAA

Markus Dillinger
Secretary, 5GAA

Mark Hartje
Treasurer, 5GAA

Maxime Flament
Chief Technology Officer, 5GAA


Cameron Coursey
David Allen

Christoph Voigt
Jörg Plechinger

Joachim Göthel
Georg Schmitt

Guang Yi Yang
Feng Li

Rainer Krumrein
Osman Aydin

Tim Leinmüller
Jean-Michel Henchoz

Friedhelm Ramme
Stefano Sorrentino

Wenlin Chen
Feng She

Don Butler
Jovan Zagajac

Walter Weigel
David Xu

Michael Faerber
Prakash Kartha

Peter Virk
Colin Lee

Uwe Pützschler
Thierry Klein

Frederic Thepot
Yuji Aburakawa

Jim Misener
Vince Park

Cheng Zhang
Dang Xiang

Jaeweon Cho
Vishnu Sundaram

Luke Ibbetson
Tony Sammut

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