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Paving the way towards 5G

5GAA: paving the way towards 5G

5G technologies are the next generation of wireless networks. It is key to transmitting larger amounts of data more reliably, with lower latency and at faster speeds than ever before.

As the future of connected devices it will pave the path towards innovative ways of communication and will change our transportation ecosystem, the Internet of Things, and ultimately help create the Internet of Everything.

With the support of leaders from the automotive and information and telecommunications industries, 5GAA is paving the way towards a world of innovative mobility.

The C-V2X technology is already available but to support the autonomous vehicles of tomorrow, the technology must evolve to meet more demanding safety requirements. 5G will facilitate this evolution. Its extreme throughput, low latency, and enhanced reliability will allow vehicles to share rich, real-time data, supporting fully autonomous driving experiences.

The 5G Automotive Association (5GAA) is shaping the path to 5G by supporting C-V2X, as well as working to deliver innovations in on-device intelligence and integration in connected vehicles. The 5GAA is confident that a technically superior standards-based cost-effective and scalable access technology from the cellular industry will carry C-ITS and Connected Vehicle applications well into the 5G era and beyond.

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