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A Positive Business Case for All

A Positive Business Case for All

The 5GAA is purpose-built to explore technical (architectures, trials), interoperability (spectrum and standards), policy and go-to-market issues, then transform results into industry action and deployment. Hence, C-V2X business perspectives expressed will be refined as time progresses.

Automaker View

Delivering safety, mobility and convenience services as an integrated service to road users is an essential starting point, as it provides value to customers and ultimately to society. Efficiencies, ever-increasing performance with backward compatibility and growth into future applications are all realistic prospects with C-V2X. C-V2X is ushered in by repurposing developed and tested applications-level specifications by IEEE, SAE, ISO, ETSI and other standards development organizations.

Network Operator View

In the long run, mobile network operators will leverage existing cellular infrastructure to promote an efficient deployment of V2X technologies, including potential integration and management of C-ITS roadside stations/roadside units (RSUs). There is a near-term value proposition that transitions to the long-term view, however. Operators can provide V2N connectivity services from vehicles and backhaul to the roadside leveraging existing and emerging commercial cellular networks of both LTE and 5G.

Road Operator View

Ensuring safe and efficient road traffic flows is central for road traffic operators. C-V2X technology, including V2V, V2P, V2I and V2N connectivity provides comprehensive and novel options to efficiently execute their prime mission. How can this be implemented in a cost-effective manner? Collectively, road operators may derive significant value when the existing cellular infrastructure provides an underpinning for V2X services. In early days, the cellular backbone may obviate some of the capital plus maintenance and operations costs, to include training of road agency personnel, and to run C-ITS roadside stations/ (RSUs). This saving would be realised within the relationship where over the top V2X services for traffic management and other road operator connectivity services would be tendered and delivered at potential total cost saving to the operator.

Technology Provider View

V2X is a vital sensor that will provide real-time, highly reliable, and actionable information flows that will feed into an ADAS compute platform along with radar, LIDAR, computer vision, and precise positioning. A single sensor is not sufficient to deliver the promise of increased safety and autonomous driving; rather it will be a fusion of ever evolving and improving sensors and computational machine intelligence that will ultimately emulate and then surpass sensing and cognitive capabilities of human drivers alone.

Societal View

The ultimate beneficiaries would be the traveling public who would collectively realize safety, mobility and convenience services up to and including ADAS and CAD. Society would benefit as well, since ‘information everywhere’ would inform mode choices, enable policy-based road user fees, route traffic dynamically and more efficiently, yield benefits in reduced and predictable travel time, and reductions in congestion, carbon emissions and impact to the environment.

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