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22.Oct.2018 - 25.Oct.2018
All of the day
Tokyo, Japan
8th WG Meeting and 4th General Assembly

The 5GAA 8th Working Group Meeting and 4th General Assembly will take place from Monday, October 22 until Thursday, October 25 in Tokyo, Japan.


Member Onboarding Meeting
Monday 22 Oct, 08:00am - 09:00am

Community Building Session
Tuesday 23 Oct, 07:30pm –  08:30pm

Participate in this session to learn more about members and to showcase your latest corporate contributions on C-V2X developments or similar 5GAA related topics.


- “Slam Presentation” focusing on C-V2X or other 5GAA relevant topic of maximum 5 minutes each, with 3 Minutes Q&A

-Should relate to a recent C-V2X or cellular technology development/advancement for ITS (e.g. innovation or deployment, test & trials, R&D project, etc.) and be of general relevance for 5GAA

-No commercial/brand promotion (company information can be provided but only for background information purposes)

Application process for presentations

1)Submit your presentation with 2 slides.
- Deadline: 15 Oct, EOB CET.
- Mail to with subject header: “Presentation for 5GAA Community Building Session”

2)Together with these 2 slides we need one slide (to be distributed up front)
- with short bio of presenter plus
- image of presenter
- indication which 5GAA working group presenter is focusing on / contributing to

4th General Assembly
Wednesday, 24 Oct 04:30pm – 06:30pm

Cocktail Reception
Wednesday, 24 Oct 06:30pm – 08:30pm

5GAA-5GMF Workshop
Thursday, 25 Oct 09:00am – 06:00pm

For any questions please contact the secretariat at

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